Pony Bites

Pony Bites are the perfect treat for your horse after a ride! They come in the colors white, blue, and red. (Click photo to shop)

Marble Cookies

These cookies are super cute for your ponies! Currently only available in Cotton Candy Swirl.  (Click photo to shop)

Puppy Biscuits

How about mans other best friend? No worries we got them covered! With these super cute Puppy Biscuits! They come in the colors Blue and Pink. ( Click photo to shop)

The Variety Pack

Can't Pick Just one? How about get a little bit of each! Comes with four pink and blue Puppy biscuits, two Pony Bites, and two Marble Cookies! (Click photo to shop)

Pony Tiaras

The Pony Tiaras are perfect for all of your Princesses! They meat the princess standard, and come in one dozen! With an extra tiara candy on top! (click the photo to shop)

Pony Peppermint Crunches

What Pony doesn't love peppermints? This treat is covered in them, and tastes delicious! It comes in one dozen. (click photo to shop) 

Pony Petals

Pony Petals, these come in one dozen, and have a flower candy right in the middle! (click the photo to shop)

Pony Doughnuts

Pony Doughnuts are a delicious treat for your ponies! These come in a set of six! (Click photo to shop)